Network Marketing Tips – Why You Must Pay Attention to Your Downline to Succeed in Network Marketing

Of all the network marketing tips I give, the one that astounds me that I still have to give often is about taking care of your downline.

Why more people don’t realize how important their downline is, is beyond me.

So many people focus on bringing new people in, that they don’t focus on the fact that they’ve spent all the time to bring in the people that they’ve brought into the business…that if they’d just take some time to teach the downline to succeed, they’d make a ton more money.

And best yet, they’d make a ton of passive residual income.

Why Focusing On Your Downline Is One of the Most Important Network Marketing Tips You Can Hear

Your downline is your bread and butter.

Most people ignore them like the plague unfortunately, which works against you as far as the way the industry is perceived, but works for you as far as the way your prospects see you (especially those who are former network marketers.)

You see, a lot of people want to always try to buck the system. They want to reinvent the wheel, thinking that they can get by just by constantly having new people come into their downline, even if most of those people do nothing the law of averages says that at least SOME will. In theory that’s correct, but at the same time it’s the long way around…especially when you’ve found your business in a rut.

What happens if you’re ranking on the first page for a term that’s getting you a ton of leads, and then suddenly Google changes its algorithm drastically and your site gets pulled back to the 30th page?

Then what? Your new leads are running dry, and now you’ve got a downline where most of the people aren’t doing anything, and in fact most of them hate you because you were never there for them like you were supposed to be? Now what?

Well, if you would have treated your downline like gold from the beginning, you would have never had to worry about this in the first place.

In fact you could have been doing amazingly well, with even just 1/3 of the number of leads that you were getting, simply because you were taking your time and training your downline like you were supposed to.

Trying to buck the network marketing system is futile, because the industry is set up for leverage. Your downline is the ultimate leverage. But it only works correctly if you use the system correctly.

Basically the system of network marketing is in fact set up so that you get rewarded when you help people. When you show people how to succeed with their business, you get a commission when they do what you’ve shown them. Over and over again, if you teach them correctly. And then for teaching them, to teach their downline, you get rewarded at that level too, and on down depending on your network marketing company. So why would you ignore that fact?

For some reason not many people want to explain this to their downline. Not many people want to take the time to create a business the way that it’s meant to be created in this industry. But this is one of the network marketing tips that you don’t want to ignore, especially if your business is in a rut now…but do it before it gets into a rut.

Network Marketing Tips – My Top 7

This provides a snapshot of my initial top seven network marketing tips, to get you started on your road to setting up a successful network marketing business. They are all equally as important in my eyes and need some focus to achieve your business success.

Remember you are setting up a business – it may be a small one to earn some extra money each month to supplement your full time income, or, it may be to build it up to replace and exceed your current income. Whatever, your goal, build your foundations well at the start and you will reap the benefits as you progress.

Tip 1 – Select your network marketing business with care
As you are searching for a network marketing organization you want to work in, be aware that they are all at different stages in their life cycle. So check out the following:

• Have they been established for at least 3-5 years? (This means they are more likely to survive as their model and system must be doing something right).

• Do they have the potential for impressive growth? If they are already in hundreds of countries the rate of growth is likely to be slower, catching the curve at the right time is likely to mean greater success for you and people you sponsor.

• Are their products suitable for network marketing? Check it is consumable and people will keep coming back to purchase and use them. Also, how does it benefit people and what is its value to customers.

• Is the reward plan great? Check out how you are rewarded for your sales and for building a team. You are joining the organization to help people and to make a profit!

• Does the company have a great support and training systems in place?

• Can you get in contact with your sponsor easily? This is very important in the early stages, to get support as you start building your sales.

Tip 2 – Choose your sponsor wisely
Building on my last tip – it is so important to choose your sponsor carefully as they will be your coach and guide as you get started. Having a great coach available to you can really help you progress that much quicker. Learn from them and how they got started, meet up with them if you live nearby or schedule regular calls in the early days to help you keep focused

Tip 3 – Use the system
When you sign up to your chosen network marketing business, remember you are also joining a duplication business. This means it is a tried and tested system and people have succeeded using it, otherwise it wouldn’t be there making profits.
Leverage the learning that has gone on before you, tap into their network marketing system and tools and use them to help make you successful too!

Tip 4 – Build a detailed prospect list
Write down everyone you know, start with people in your family, your friends, your acquaintance’s, people you have recently met, people in your dance class, your football club and so on. Don’t leave anyone out. Then form them into lists – people who may be interested to see your network marketing products and services and may like to use them, others who may like to earn a part-time income and become a distributor too. Remember though these lists may well overlap, as people’s circumstances change and some of your customers may wish to start their own business too.

Share the business with them all, so they all have the opportunity to get involved in whatever way they wish right now. Don’t assume they will all sign up straight away – some may some may not – so keep them updated on your network marketing business.

Never rule out people because you think that they may not be interested, or that they don’t have the time. This is a self limiting belief, and will hold you back, there are many stories of people who ended up being sponsored by someone else, don’t let this happen to you.

Tip 5 – Believe in your products – use them!
If you do not believe in your network marketing products and services – how can you expect others to! Use the products and services and build your own story about how they have helped you. Be enthusiastic about them and share the benefits, so others want to have them to.

Tip 6 – Be active
This is your business and it will not grow unless you take action each week. You need to work to develop it and help it to grow. Focus on the right activities, follow the network marketing system you have joined. People have done it before you, so take the necessary actions to get your business started and on the map and enjoy the journey.

Tip 7 – Some will, some won’t, so what! Next!
It is best to realise from the start, that the people you talk to will be at all different stages in their lives and as a result some will be ready to sign up and join you, others will not – but they may be later one and there is always someone else around the corner waiting to be asked.

5 Network Marketing Tips Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street Movement

It’s been really busy around here as we work to build our network marketing business, but the Occupy Wall Street movement has been something of a distraction for me lately.

Because honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it.

Yes, Wall Street should be held accountable, and I am all for checks and balances when it comes to making sure that good, hard-working people (and their money) are dealt with in a fair and legal way.

But I don’t feel like I’m part of the 99 percent.

For starters, while we’re not in the top one percent of income earners, we earn considerably more than the average American (not bragging, and if you’re familiar with our story, you know that this hasn’t always been the case; we have seen some pretty nasty times).

Beyond the money part, there’s a vibe to the current thinking that says that we can’t move forward until something outside of us changes. Something radical. Something out of our control.

And I just don’t buy into that.

Here’s what I think.

I think that network marketing professionals and others that help people build and sustain profitable online businesses are helping them to take financial control of their lives as they’ve never done before.

Network marketing pros are not wishing things would be different, or hoping for new legislation, a new Congress or president to take over.

They’re not thinking that things will get better when someone does something.

And they’re not necessarily praying that God will change people’s hearts (or whatever message is coming down from certain pulpits these days).

They’re not wishing, or hoping, or thinking, or praying… for anything.

What they are doing is taking massive action, and showing others how to do the same.

They’re making a commitment – to themselves, their families, and their future.

And they’re working our butts off to keep that commitment. Even when the going gets tough.

This isn’t a judgment call on the people that are putting their lives on hold as they work to effect change on a massive level.

There’s a place for that, and I respect their conviction.

But I’m in no position to leave what I’m doing to take a stand. To do so would hurt my family in ways I don’t want to think about. So my response is to build something that stands independent of what happens on Wall Street, as much as I’m able to do that - and to give others the tools and training they need to do the same thing.

There’s a statistic that swirls around the network marketing business that estimates that a full 97 percent of new business professionals will fail within their first three months of launching their company.

There are three possible (and probable) reasons for this:

1) They have unrealistic expectations of what it takes to build a network marketing business (and were most likely lured in by “get rich quick” promises that continue to mar the industry);

2) They have little to no marketing experience, which is critical for any business to survive; and/or

3) They don’t have a good team supporting, training, and challenging them to do what’s possible to do in this business.

That means that only three percent of people make it in network marketing.

Guess what.

You can be a part of that three percent.

You can beat the odds, and build something incredible – for yourself, your family, your world.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that sure beats waiting for something to happen.

Here are five network marketing tips that you can implement right now to take your network marketing business to the next level:

Network Marketing Tips – #1: Get Clear on What You Want

Take a half hour alone to sit in silence, and make sure you have a pen and paper handy. Turn off the phones, close down the laptop, and let your family know that you don’t want to be disturbed. Then, sit in that silence with your eyes closed, and ask yourself, “What do I want?”

Wait about 15 seconds, and then ask yourself again, “What do I want?”

Do this several times, and watch what comes up. Is it money that you want? If so, how much? Is it a like-minded business partner to help you grow your company, more support from your spouse of significant other, or just a few extra hours in the day to devote to what you’re doing? There are no wrong answers here, so don’t judge what comes up.

After you’ve spent a few minutes asking and then listening for the response, open your eyes and write down what comes to mind. Again, don’t judge. Just put it on paper.

Network Marketing Tips – #2: Document Your Day

Make a list of everything you do on a daily basis to build your company. Make this list as thorough and honest as possible, so that it’s a true reflection of the amount of time and effort you’re putting into what you do. Think of it as your own employee evaluation that will provide you with an overview of where you’re getting it right, and where there may be room for improvement.

As with step one, this is not time to judge. You’re just observing.

Network Marketing Tips – #3: Compare What You Want with What You’re Doing

Now, have a look at your two lists. Read over what it is you say you want, and then compare that with what it is you are doing every day to work towards that goal (or not). Now’s the time to fill in the gaps, if there are any. For example, if you’d like to increase your income by $3000 every month, after you’ve reviewed your two lists, make a third list of things that you can do to reach your goal, and schedule those things in and around what you’re already doing.

Network Marketing Tips – #4: Reach Out to Your Upline for Guidance

Almost there. Once you know what you want, what you’re doing, and what you may need to do in addition to hit your goals, reach out to your upline leader through phone or email, and set up a time to chat live. Make this your “huddle” call, where you reconnect with the person that got you into network marketing and pick their brains for their advice as to what you can do to get there from here. This call should take about a half an hour, and when you hang up, you should be pumped up and full of next steps.

Network Marketing Tips – #5: Take Action

Pick one thing that you can do – right now – to move your business forward. It can be something that you upline leader suggested, or inspiration from the lists that you drew up on your own. It doesn’t matter, just as long as you take action. There’s tremendous energy in these moments when you’re fired up and ready to go, and the magic happens when you move with that energy.

And that’s it. Keep your lists handy where you can review them from time to time, and make it a practice of repeating this five-step process about once a quarter. Doing so will help you stay on track with your goals and, slowly but surely, carve out your place within that three percent of network marketers who are making a difference in the world.